Fernando Botero’s Adam and Eve

Fernando Botero's Adam and Eve Statutes at Time Warner Center NYC

Fernando Botero’s Adam and Eve’s statues are located at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. As you can imagine, Adam gets of attention and according to many report, people feel compelled to touch him for good luck. You can’t tell from the photo but they stand 20 feet tall so they are rather imposing when you see them.


  1. Wonderful shot, love the story!
    Thanks for sharing, have a happy WW!

  2. That’s way too explicit for me!
    And yet I love it!
    Chubby Rules!

  3. Wow!!! I bet they are HUGE in person.

    But wait, why am I distracted by the stores in the background? (lol) I didnt know there was a Bebe at Time Warner Center. I’m definitely making a stop there at the next event!

  4. Oh my word. That’s huge! Err the statue, that is.

  5. I’d love to check them out! My husband does bronze sculpture work. His style is completely different, but still they would interesting to see.

  6. :)

  7. wow- those statues are something to behold!

  8. Woooowwww.. those statues are something! They are big ones! Thanks for sharing! Here’s My Wordless Wednesday entry: A Whole Roasted Pork (Lechon) . Come and drop-by anytime.. have a happy Wordless Wednesday!

  9. Very interesting photos. Happy Wordless Wednesday.

  10. Thanks for hosting Wordless Wednesday today! Glad you pointed out how tall they were. I wouldn’t have realized they were more then 5 or 6 feet tall.

  11. I might have to go check them out in person. Amazing picture. Didn’t like the artists conception of a woman.

  12. Maricris of Zensible Mama says:

    Is this a modern representation of Adam and Eve? LOL

  13. Stopping by from WW…I didn’t have enough time yesterday to look through all the photos! Very interesting….:)

  14. I’m your newest follower from the Friday Blog Hop! Would love if you would stop by!

  15. G Bailey says:

    I’d like to see them in person. They don’t impress me via photo. :)

  16. Your’s is the itlneligent approach to this issue.

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