Purr by Katy Perry Eau de Parfum Gift Set

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Purr by Katy Perry Eau de Parfum introduced in 2010is a mix of peach, gardenia, forbidden apple and green bamboo. Purr can be worn in a number of situations, including a day out with friends or a relaxed evening with family. It’s the right fragrance for the woman who likes life to be a bit laid back and who is searching for a casual scent.

GIVEAWAY:  2 lucky NYC Single Mom readers will receive Purr by Katy Perry Eau de Parfum Gift Set (includes 1.7 oz body lotion, 1 oz Purr fragrance and 1.7oz shower gel) $30 SRP


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  1. Susan Broughton says:

    I believe the name of the song was something like Fireworks. I really don’t listen to her music myself but my oldest daughter like her music a lot. So I hear it from her listening to it.

  2. Firework

  3. Wide awake

  4. I love Katy Perry’s Firework. I watched a show about her once, her background, etc. It was really neat. I really didn’t know much about her before that & I’ve loved here ever since!

  5. Firework

  6. Last Friday night, cute video too!

  7. melmorgan4 says:


  8. California Girl and Firework

  9. firework

  10. Jennifer Clay says:

    Firework is my favorite.

  11. I like Firework and/or The One That Got Away

  12. My favorite is Wide Awake

  13. California Girls

  14. Last Friday Night! (:

  15. David Hollingsworth says:
  16. Jennifer Lopez says:

    I love Firework.. I especially fell in love with it after I saw a video of her singing it with a young girl who was autistic. It was so sweet

  17. Megan McGowan Parsons says:

    Firework is my favorite!

  18. I love her song Firework!

  19. I love Firework.

  20. I like Alien!

  21. Alien is my favorite.

  22. I loved I kissed a girl. I am into country more than anything but love certain songs and this one is so catchy, it stays with you.

  23. fireworks

  24. I really like “Fireworks” – great message

  25. Cheryl Rahkonen says:

    My favorite is “Firework”.

  26. I like a few of her songs but don’t know the names of them.I think one of them is called Alien.My 2 neices love to dance to her music. Thank you for the cool giveaway :)

  27. Firework

  28. firework is my favorite

  29. I agree with most others – I like “Firework” because it’s really encouraging and a positive message.

  30. My favorite Katy Perry song is Wide Awake!

  31. I like Firework and ET

  32. Debbie Welchert says:

    I have never listened to her music before so I don’t have a favorite song.

  33. Marti Parks says:

    My favorite is California Girls.

  34. Julie Wood says:

    Fireworks is my favorite Katy Perry Song!

  35. I Kissed a Girl is still one of my favorites, but I like most of her stuff.

  36. firework

  37. My favorite is Firework followed by California Girls

  38. jennifer says:

    we love the wide awake song!

  39. My favorite is Fireworks. Thanks so much.

  40. Josie Haney Hink says:

    Thinking of you….love this song!!!

  41. Firework

  42. Youtube: 2dogs5catscrew
    Google + as Amy Orvin

  43. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    Wide Awake

  44. Part of Me

  45. Definitely Teenage Dream!

  46. My favorite Katy Perry song is California Gurls

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    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  47. It would be Part of Me because it’s a such a good song and it makes you want to dance and have a good time!

  48. Jami Van Brocklin says:

    My favorite Katy Perry song is Fireworks.

  49. My favorite is “I Kissed a Girl.” Thank you for the cool giveaway!

  50. California Girls

  51. Shelley P says:

    Wide Awake is my favorite : )

  52. I like the fireworks song

  53. Wide Awake is my fave song

  54. wide awake

  55. LOVE Last Friday Night! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  56. Teenage Dream!

  57. Gina Stratos says:


  58. Wide Awake

  59. latanya t says:


  60. I like Wide Awake

  61. Nicole Choate says:

    My favorite is California Gurls!

  62. pjpricetx . says:


  63. “I Kissed a Girl”….something about that cherry chapstick…

  64. I like her “I kissed a girl: song the best

  65. Rebecca Peters says:


  66. Michelle says:

    Thinking of You!

  67. Dawn Cook says:

    love peacock and hot n cold!

  68. Christine H says:

    I like.. I kissed a girl, and also hot and cold. 😀

  69. hot and cold!

  70. firework!

  71. Fireworks

  72. mine is Fireworks

  73. Mine is California Girls.

  74. I like the I kissed a girl song!

  75. I like california girlz

  76. I like Part of Me
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  77. kathy pease says:

    I like firework

  78. Paula Tavernie says:


  79. I don’t have one.. i’ve never listened. I would like to try the perfume though!

  80. allison.bahr says:

    California girls

  81. My favorite Katy Perry song is FireWorks!

  82. Its a tie between Firework and The One the Got Away!

  83. Cheyenne says:

    My favorite Katy Perry song is Part Of Me.

  84. cassandra marquez says:

    My favorite is Hummingbird Heartbeat.

    –cassandra (cap)

  85. Angela Nichols says:

    I love I kissed a girl. It is just a fun song!

  86. I love Firework.

  87. Melissa says:


  88. I would say “Fireworks.”

  89. Courtney Renee says:

    Fireworks! Best song ever.

  90. Favorite song is wide awake

  91. I like I kissed a Girl

  92. California Girls is my favorite.

  93. Firework is my favorite.

  94. sweepermom says:

    I Kissed A Girl is my favorite

  95. Katy Perry E.T(Extraterrestrial)

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