Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do Review and Giveaway @XBOX360

Carnival Games for Kinect

Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do for Xbox 360 is a full-body, controller- free experience. With 20 games and various skill levels, it should keep both the casual and experienced gamer happy. In addition, you can speak to Wodin the wily wizard to learn your future and hear a riddle or two. The game also supports XBox live features that uses Xbox Live Avatars with the ability to dress them up in a game.

The kinect functionality really offers players the ability play the game without a controller. Once my daughter got the hang of how to use  the kinect without a controller she was off and running. She had the best time  catching coins as she careened down Gold Rush Mountain and twisting her body so as not to crash when playing Rocket to Mars. What fun, watching her jump to start the Rocket to Mars game.

Carnival Monkey See Monkey Do


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