Hasbro Previews New Toys for 2011



Hasbro previewed hot new toys for 2011 at a recent event prior to  Toy Fair 2011 as well as introduced their partnership with fan favorite Sesame Street.  Because there were so many new products,  I have edited it down to my top five faves from the event. After too much fun of looking at toys, we headed for very ladies who lunch at Todd English’s Ca Va restaurant.

Elmo, NYC Single Mom and Cookie Monster

Elmo, NYC Single Mom and Cookie Monster

Easy Bake Ultimate Oven

Easy Bake Ultimate Oven

EASY-BAKE Ultimate Oven

Hard to believe that the Easy Bake Oven has been around since 1963 bringing hours of joys to girls everywhere including my daughter and me.

Well, guess what, this fall, EASY-BAKE brand introduces the EASY-BAKE Ultimate Oven featuring a heating element, similar to a conventional oven and that does not require a light bulb. Can you believe it? The light bulb has been eliminated. That is an achievement. The EASY-BAKE ultimate oven is easy to use,  features a larger cooking chamber and bigger baking pan giving pre-teens/tweens the opportunity to bake more delectable treats than the EASY-BAKE Oven & Snack Center.   Best of all, you can make red velvet cupcakes, checker cakes, pizza, pretzels, cinnamon twists and brownie sticks in the new oven. I can’t wait.

Ages: 8 years and up
SRP: $49.99
Available: Fall 2011




Last Christmas, Santa brought FURREAL Go-Go Pets. This Christmas, Cookie, my playful Pup is surely going to be on my daughter’s Christmas list. COOKIE, MY PLAYFUL PUP pet is the newest, softest, most huggable dog to join the FURREAL FRIENDS family. Your child will love to interact with the adorable pint-sized golden retriever – through voice recognition technology. The puppy will respond when spoken to by moving her head, blinking, and barking, just like a “real” dog!  The loveable pup will also respond to touch; kids simply pet their new best friend on the sensors located on her head and cheeks and their new pal will make happy puppy sounds to show her delight.   This one was just adorable although I do wish that it walked as well.

Ages: 4 years
SRP: $59.99
Available: Fall 11




Check out the top of the line “golden” cup in CUPONK: Le Flush Royale Edition, which includes six new CUPONK balls to try even more extreme shots. Finished playing? Flip the lid to become a backboard or a storage solution. Mastered all of the previous CUPONK tricks? Fear not. Don’t be fooled, this may be a toy for kids but this is a variation on the drinking game quarters so feel free to buy this game for middle and high schoolers. In fact, go to youtube.com to check out all the fun videos for Cuponk.

Recommended Age: 8
SRP: $24.99
Available: Spring 2011
Players: 1 or more

Captain America Electronic Figure

Captain America Electronic Figure

CAPTAIN AMERICA Electronic Figure

Captain America, the First Avenger  is one of the highly anticipated movies of the year. There were tons of products in support of the movie but this one stood out just because I like action figures. The Captain America electronic figure  stands at an impressive 10” tall with its supremely sculpted and detailed design.  It features electronic phrases and sound effects from the movie,  as well as Cap’s signature shield, this figure is a great addition to every fan’s collection. And yes, I am going to add this to my collection.

Ages: 4 & up
SRP: $19.99
Available: Spring 2011

Let's Rock Elmo

Let's Rock Elmo - Sesame Street and Hasbro

Let’s rock elmo

Rock out with the new Let’s Rock Elmo. Dressed in a concert style tee, Elmo takes the stage singing and making music- and preschoolers can too! Elmo comes with his very own microphone and two instruments – a tambourine and a drum set.  Preschoolers can choose which instrument Elmo plays, and he magically recognizes which one you give him. The Let’s Rock Elmo toy sings six rockin’ songs, so grab an instrument and join Elmo’s band.

Ages 18 months & up
SRP: $69.99
Available: Fall 11


  1. Good write-up. You are so fast with getting these posts up! Wow!

  2. It really looks like they are coming out with great toys this year. I know my kids are excited!

  3. tommy marrone says:

    nice toys just wish you would bring back the vintage kooky spookys so many kids in school loved them!!!

  4. tommy marrone says:

    hasbro is the worlds best toy co.they help children all over the world i just dont understand why they wont bring back the vintage kooky spooky ghosts back they are such a wonderful wholesome toy that everyone loves!!!!

  5. tommy marrone says:

    i heard a china company is coming out with kooky spooky replicas and more figures great news for the kids

  6. Wow there are so many great toys coming out this year. The interactive toys are getting more and more expensive

  7. I love the Top Toys For Christmas 2011 says:

    With so many new toys I wonder what the top toys for Christmas will be? This is a nice little list that I have to keep in mind during Christmas.

  8. Wow! These are great toys! They will definately be added to our website! For the newest 2011 toys for all ages visit http://www.gottagetthis.com. We update regularly so visit often!

  9. I am thinking about getting the easy bake oven for my niece. I loved mine as a kid. This one seems alot more sturdy – thank goodness :)

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